Monday, October 26, 2009


Sorry to all that may have been checking this blog looking for more, I have not posted any new content.  I am super excited that the sofa has received a lot of traffic on some great blogs, Plastolux (one of my top favorites) where it all started, some other great blogs, and then on Apartment Therapy, unbelievable!  I've been busy lately with a really important situation in my life and of course my larger project.  As time permits and I get some of my already completed smaller projects back out and set up I will post some assembly pictures and commentary.  Until then if you want some material check out to see what I'm busy with at the moment.  Thanks for everyone's comments, support, and critique. I appreciate all views of my stuff.  It will make my future projects even better!


  1. you need to get your bed on here also.....

  2. Any chance of you spending some of your valuable time giving some dimensions etc?

  3. Yes, I can get some idea of dimensions and what not, let me pull out the plans so I don't give you the wrong information.